Norms! Like Rules but sophisticated.

June 7, 2010

I think good norms would be to continuously stay on task. We should be open minded and listen to each others ideas. This is a serious trailer so i don’t think we should make it stupid and funny. We need to make compromises with our ideas. No playing games. Be ready for class. Don’t be a retard (chase).


Movie trailer

June 1, 2010

A good movie trailer has to be catching, it has to be something that makes someone want to see the movie. It can’t give to much away but has to leave you hanging just enough to want to watch more. Suspense, quotes, drama. I movie in to minutes, don;t give to much away.

Rules… Rules… Rules

May 31, 2010

Life is controlled by rules. The rules that people need to follow to do the right things in there lives. Without rules our world would be a wreck. I think rules are a good thing in reason, when rules, like in Jonas community, get to be to great in numbers they become overwhelming and people will stop following them. To little rules will result in trouble and havoc among the people. I think my life does work netter because of rules because it keeps it in order. Without rules my life would become more hectic and it would kind of be a free for all, which would be fun but it would be way easier to get into trouble or get hurt.

In our school there are many rules more of them more just common sense things then anything else, more often than not a rule is more assumed than it is clearly announced. Things like don’t shoot kids in school is technically a rule but no one has to repeatedly tell us that. Things like no texting in class or no youtube are rules that need to be re-implied. I think some of the rules that are there but could be abolished are things like no phones in the dressing rooms because no one follows that. Or things like wearing our name tags at the beginning of the year. I’m not saying there bad rule but i think they are kind of pointless because they are hard to monitor and easy to break. No one follows them.

Summer break

May 18, 2010

Summer break is something students are thinking about all year. We have a school system in which we have a 2 month summer vacation and short breaks in the year. Lost of other school are different though. We get a break when it is really hot out because it is hard to study in heat and also its fun to be out in the sun instead of in school. It is also good because if there are lots of short breaks in the year there is less time to do stuff with your family. Some people would disagree and say its too long. There are cons to having a long break once a year, kids forget things. Kids are home alone doing nothing for a lot of the time. But kids are also out playing in the park and at the beach or riding there bike which is a good thing.

There is also the option of having a shorter summer break and small breaks in the school year. This would cause Christmas Vacation to be longer and perhaps a break in the spring time, or a longer Easter holiday. Kids would have more vacations and it would not cause them to forget as much over the summer because there vacations would be shorter. The down parts of this are tat kids like there summers and they like not having school when its hot out. Kids don’t want to have to wake up and go to school when its 30 degrees out its hard to concentrate and marks won’t be as high in my opinion. A longer spring or Christmas break would be nice but most people would rather summer.

I personally like the longer summer and less breaks during the year because i like my summer. I like hanging out at the beach and in the sun and thats something i cant do in winter or spring. We have enough  breaks in the school year already and i like a long summer. I have a hard time concentrating in the heat and i think its good that i don’t have too.

Skype conversation with Dan

March 31, 2010

During our skype conversation with Dan i learned that poetry isn’t something you find, poetry finds you. You write about things that impact your life and that is where you get most of your ideas. Poetry isn’t a profession though it something you have to do because you love it and not for the money. You have to get inspired by things that true matter or your poem won’t turn out as well as you would like it too. Poem aren’t just going to come to you sometimes it will take a while and when you do you just have to be patient about it. Everyone can be a poet but you have to be able to find a purpose in your writing if you wan to be great.

Poem Video Reflection

March 5, 2010

With my video my friends told me i had to slow down the words on my screen because they were to fast to read easily. So i did just that and slowed down the words. They said my song and pictures were fine and that they fit the poem well.

Poetry by Megan

February 16, 2010

What do i know about poetry? Well thats a good question i know for one thing that lots of poems rhyme but not all of them have to. There are lots of kinds of poems that use syllables  instead of rhyming.  What i like about poetry is that it tells a story but not what most people would think. They say stuff and make it sounds like a pointless poem but really it has a greater meaning. I didn’t have the knowledge to comprehend what it was truly saying. Instead of making us read numerous poems and figure out what they are saying, have us wright poems with bigger meanings then are shown, teach us how to by doing it.

Shakespeare comparison…

January 20, 2010

Personally i liked the movie better than the play because i found it hard to picture people and places in the play. While we read it barely anyone used emotion which made it hard to understand how the person was saying it. Although reading the play wasn’t to hard to understand i was still a little bit confused. Occasionally i needed people to help me understand who was who and what was going on but in the movie i always understood. I though the movie was better just because i couldn’t picture things from the play but i saw them in the movie.

While watching the movie it helped me understand the movie because it helped me see how much certain characters actually affected the theme of the play. when Petruchio showed up to his own wedding dressed like a fool i didn’t picture it as bad as it was and i also didn’t picture the causes of this as bad, Kate was really hurt. Picturing what people look like is also very hard for me so when i got to see them it was better for me and it just helped me a lot. Because of all the confusing character changes i didn’t always understand who was going for who and the movie assisted with the understanding of this.

Privacy on the Internet

January 7, 2010

I don’t think there is very much privacy online. Once you put something online anyone can see it and anyone can talk about. You can put things on face book a picture or status and anyone can comment and share it. I have heard of students making websites saying mean things about teachers and getting fined a lot of money for it. An one can do it and it does happen. People get blackmailed on the internet for things they have done or said and it never leaves them. They can be haunted for life about it. There is also a lot of cyber bullying on line. I think face book is a main way because anyone that you are friends with on it can get a picture off and blackmail you or something you said.

Full Body

January 6, 2010

I think that the full body scanners are not an invasion of privacy. I think it a good measure  to stop people from bringing weapons and explosives onto the plane. I do not think it will slow things down to much because it would be faster than a pat down. I think they are good and will stop more attacks. I think it is not completely smart to not let minors go into them because teens could be threats to, and i think it would be cool to try one. In all I don’t think people should complaining because it will make us all safer.