Rules… Rules… Rules

Life is controlled by rules. The rules that people need to follow to do the right things in there lives. Without rules our world would be a wreck. I think rules are a good thing in reason, when rules, like in Jonas community, get to be to great in numbers they become overwhelming and people will stop following them. To little rules will result in trouble and havoc among the people. I think my life does work netter because of rules because it keeps it in order. Without rules my life would become more hectic and it would kind of be a free for all, which would be fun but it would be way easier to get into trouble or get hurt.

In our school there are many rules more of them more just common sense things then anything else, more often than not a rule is more assumed than it is clearly announced. Things like don’t shoot kids in school is technically a rule but no one has to repeatedly tell us that. Things like no texting in class or no youtube are rules that need to be re-implied. I think some of the rules that are there but could be abolished are things like no phones in the dressing rooms because no one follows that. Or things like wearing our name tags at the beginning of the year. I’m not saying there bad rule but i think they are kind of pointless because they are hard to monitor and easy to break. No one follows them.


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