Summer break

Summer break is something students are thinking about all year. We have a school system in which we have a 2 month summer vacation and short breaks in the year. Lost of other school are different though. We get a break when it is really hot out because it is hard to study in heat and also its fun to be out in the sun instead of in school. It is also good because if there are lots of short breaks in the year there is less time to do stuff with your family. Some people would disagree and say its too long. There are cons to having a long break once a year, kids forget things. Kids are home alone doing nothing for a lot of the time. But kids are also out playing in the park and at the beach or riding there bike which is a good thing.

There is also the option of having a shorter summer break and small breaks in the school year. This would cause Christmas Vacation to be longer and perhaps a break in the spring time, or a longer Easter holiday. Kids would have more vacations and it would not cause them to forget as much over the summer because there vacations would be shorter. The down parts of this are tat kids like there summers and they like not having school when its hot out. Kids don’t want to have to wake up and go to school when its 30 degrees out its hard to concentrate and marks won’t be as high in my opinion. A longer spring or Christmas break would be nice but most people would rather summer.

I personally like the longer summer and less breaks during the year because i like my summer. I like hanging out at the beach and in the sun and thats something i cant do in winter or spring. We have enough  breaks in the school year already and i like a long summer. I have a hard time concentrating in the heat and i think its good that i don’t have too.


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