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Taming of the shrew

December 18, 2009

I do not think kate as been tamed yet. I think she is secretly in love with him but i do not think she has been tamed yet. she still says she wants him hanged on Sunday and i think that is reason that she i not tamed quite yet. I think she will soon be tamed because she loves him but i do not think so now. Petruchio is on his way to taming her because he knows how and it will not to be to hard for him what would be very hard for others.


Attitudes towards women.

December 16, 2009

I think men have started to treat women more like people than possessions and prizes. We are not forced to marry anyone we don’t want to. We are allowed to choose our own lives more than we used to be able to. We are not judge as much, we don’t do one thing and get a reputation.

My podcast summary. Life in London 1500’s

December 10, 2009

My podcast is about about what life was like in London back in the 1500’s. Life in the house was very hard, they didn’t live like us. There floors were made of dirt and they only bathed once a year and ate the same food for days. The main entertainment was theater and that was banned after to many complaints came in about what was in the plays. ┬áLondon was a small but dangerous city, everybody knew every body. They didn’t have police or street lights so crime happened alot.

Beat the cold

December 8, 2009

To beat the cold i walk around y house wrapped in a blanket. When i go outside i wear a t-shirt,sweater, coat, hat, mitts, and if i could i would probably throw on some snow pants too. I always turn the heat way up in my house causing my dad to get mad but it keeps me warm.