Shakespeare comparison…

Personally i liked the movie better than the play because i found it hard to picture people and places in the play. While we read it barely anyone used emotion which made it hard to understand how the person was saying it. Although reading the play wasn’t to hard to understand i was still a little bit confused. Occasionally i needed people to help me understand who was who and what was going on but in the movie i always understood. I though the movie was better just because i couldn’t picture things from the play but i saw them in the movie.

While watching the movie it helped me understand the movie because it helped me see how much certain characters actually affected the theme of the play. when Petruchio showed up to his own wedding dressed like a fool i didn’t picture it as bad as it was and i also didn’t picture the causes of this as bad, Kate was really hurt. Picturing what people look like is also very hard for me so when i got to see them it was better for me and it just helped me a lot. Because of all the confusing character changes i didn’t always understand who was going for who and the movie assisted with the understanding of this.

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