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Skype conversation with Dan

March 31, 2010

During our skype conversation with Dan i learned that poetry isn’t something you find, poetry finds you. You write about things that impact your life and that is where you get most of your ideas. Poetry isn’t a profession though it something you have to do because you love it and not for the money. You have to get inspired by things that true matter or your poem won’t turn out as well as you would like it too. Poem aren’t just going to come to you sometimes it will take a while and when you do you just have to be patient about it. Everyone can be a poet but you have to be able to find a purpose in your writing if you wan to be great.


Poem Video Reflection

March 5, 2010

With my video my friends told me i had to slow down the words on my screen because they were to fast to read easily. So i did just that and slowed down the words. They said my song and pictures were fine and that they fit the poem well.