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Into the wild. Is Chris crazy?

October 30, 2009

Wether or not Chris was truly crazy is more what you think then what other think. As we know some people do think Chris was crazy, but it all might be a misinterpretation, some say he was just looking for the meaning of life. when people say Chris had schizophrenia they are getting this because in his journal he would talk about himself as a third person and always talk about getting lost in the wild. When Chris left he was running away from his past, he was not looking for something he was trying to leave. Closer to the middle of the story Chris ends up looking for Alaska, he is no longer running away, but running to. If you believe Chris is crazy that is your perspective, some people thing they only made Chris sound crazy because a crazy man out in the wild makes the story that much better. Personally i don’t think chris is crazy but that is just my opinion, other may think differently.

3.Personally i don’ think Chris is crazy, when he leaves it’s for a reason not just for no reason at all. 3.Likely Chris new what he was doing, when he started he didn’t just go off without a plan. 4.Packing his bags and heading out knowing where he was headed were likely the things he thought about the most, what do I need and where am I going. 5.Also Chris was able to find and hold down a job. 1.This shows that he is civilized and capable of being loyal and hard working. Over the duration of his trip Chris learned new things and changed the way he thought about lfe, he new what he was doing. 11.Learning, changing, and choosing new thoughts on life show that Chris was willing to change and be a new person which means he probably wasn’t crazy he was just trying the find his true identity.


What would i do in Chris’s Shoes?

October 19, 2009

He didn’t want to be given everything. he wanted to earn things in his life. I think with the life he wanted and din;t have i think the decision to change his life was a good one. I don’t think i could leave my whole life behind unless my parents really disagreed with the way i wanted to live.

Survival Story- Juliane Kopcke

October 19, 2009

    3.Surprisingly she survivedbecause of a spinning row of seats. 1.Juliane survived a plane crash after it was struck by lightning and she was flung out along with her row of seats, which she was still strapped into. 3.Luckily the seas continuously spung around like a helicopter slowing down the fall along with the rainforest canopy to assist with her landing safely. 4.Coming to aday and a half late Juliane began her 10 day walk to find help, following what her father had tought her, follow the streams. 4.Trecking throught crocodile infested waters and paranah filled streams she found her way to a cabin and cleaned her wounds. 5.As she stayed in the cabin the owners cam home and kindly assisted her to the next town where she was helped. 6.She then found her father.


11.Strength, will power, and brains were three things that she would have needed to make it out alive. 4.Being stong not only fisically but mentaly to is one of things she would have needed because it must have been a hard journey and being weak wouldn’t be good for that. 5.Aswell as being strong she would have to have the will power not to give up, which would push her to keep going no matter what. 1.She would need to be smart in order to find her way around in the rainforest because it is a hard place to find your way around in and she knew exactly what to do.

Where will i be? 14 going on 31!

October 14, 2009

    3.Personally I don’t really know where I will be when I’m 31 years old. 4.Thinking about it i would like to be a world famous nurse. 5.If I do become a nurse I would like to become a pediatrics nurse. I would like to be a pediatrics nurse because they get to work with kids. 4.Starting now a would like to be very smart and get good grade in order to get into a very good college because that will help me to be a world famous nurse. 5.If i cannot do this i would like to egt a hockey scholarship to the university of calgary and then choose my profetion then, because i would like to play hockey for a long time.


2.Aside from my career i would like to get married and have 5 kids, 3 boys 2 girls, because girls are harder to take care of. 3.Personally i would like to live somewhere in the rocky Mountains because i like snow and i want to stay in Canada. 1.I love snowbaording which is also why i would like to live the mountains. 5.Also I would like to marry Taylor Lautener but that will not happen so i guess i can’t ha ha.

Why i picked my pictures

October 13, 2009

Quote number 1: 3.Suddenly i am realizing that people should not have to live like this, when people live in poverty they are empty of all they should have. 4.Starving and hungry people have lost hope, they don’t have dignity anymore because of what they lack in there lives.

Quote number 2: 3.Sadly people in poverty don’t just have any food, they don’t have anything, what is it going to take for someone to help them. 6.They need love and help.

Quote number 3: 3.Selfishly there are people in the world with so much when there and so many that have  absolutely nothing. 4.Helping the poor is a good thing, the rich people should help out poor people, if they don’t who else will.

Quote number 4: Since people out there with more than they need when there are people that don’t even have enough to live. 6.We should even it out a bit.

Quote number 5: 5.As we all know, poverty is bad and should be considered a form of punishment.  3.Probably none of the people that live in poverty did anything to deserve being starved, who should be punished for nothing?

RICE/0:19-0:28 5.When just a simple handful of rice can help someone, why don’t we help more. We should help people by giving them even a simple handful of rice.

newspaper0:09-0:18 2.Around the world not just adults out there are starving. People of all ages are suffering from poverty and we all need to start realizing how bad it really is.

1:49-1:58 7.Saddened by the fact that lots of kids out there are starving, we need to realize it. There are 8 million people a year that die from poverty, because no one can help.

3:37-3:46 1.This picture is showing the houses the people living in poverty have live in, who would want to live like this? 1.They don’t have enough money to get a real house so they have to make one out of what they can find, which is not always a lot.

povertt2:19-2:28 So many people out there, which try hard and still work, but don’t make enough to make ends meet. 2.Over time it is going to get worse and worse because of the growing prices of things in the world.