Into the wild. Is Chris crazy?

Wether or not Chris was truly crazy is more what you think then what other think. As we know some people do think Chris was crazy, but it all might be a misinterpretation, some say he was just looking for the meaning of life. when people say Chris had schizophrenia they are getting this because in his journal he would talk about himself as a third person and always talk about getting lost in the wild. When Chris left he was running away from his past, he was not looking for something he was trying to leave. Closer to the middle of the story Chris ends up looking for Alaska, he is no longer running away, but running to. If you believe Chris is crazy that is your perspective, some people thing they only made Chris sound crazy because a crazy man out in the wild makes the story that much better. Personally i don’t think chris is crazy but that is just my opinion, other may think differently.

3.Personally i don’ think Chris is crazy, when he leaves it’s for a reason not just for no reason at all. 3.Likely Chris new what he was doing, when he started he didn’t just go off without a plan. 4.Packing his bags and heading out knowing where he was headed were likely the things he thought about the most, what do I need and where am I going. 5.Also Chris was able to find and hold down a job. 1.This shows that he is civilized and capable of being loyal and hard working. Over the duration of his trip Chris learned new things and changed the way he thought about lfe, he new what he was doing. 11.Learning, changing, and choosing new thoughts on life show that Chris was willing to change and be a new person which means he probably wasn’t crazy he was just trying the find his true identity.


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