Survival Story- Juliane Kopcke

    3.Surprisingly she survivedbecause of a spinning row of seats. 1.Juliane survived a plane crash after it was struck by lightning and she was flung out along with her row of seats, which she was still strapped into. 3.Luckily the seas continuously spung around like a helicopter slowing down the fall along with the rainforest canopy to assist with her landing safely. 4.Coming to aday and a half late Juliane began her 10 day walk to find help, following what her father had tought her, follow the streams. 4.Trecking throught crocodile infested waters and paranah filled streams she found her way to a cabin and cleaned her wounds. 5.As she stayed in the cabin the owners cam home and kindly assisted her to the next town where she was helped. 6.She then found her father.


11.Strength, will power, and brains were three things that she would have needed to make it out alive. 4.Being stong not only fisically but mentaly to is one of things she would have needed because it must have been a hard journey and being weak wouldn’t be good for that. 5.Aswell as being strong she would have to have the will power not to give up, which would push her to keep going no matter what. 1.She would need to be smart in order to find her way around in the rainforest because it is a hard place to find your way around in and she knew exactly what to do.


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