Where will i be? 14 going on 31!

    3.Personally I don’t really know where I will be when I’m 31 years old. 4.Thinking about it i would like to be a world famous nurse. 5.If I do become a nurse I would like to become a pediatrics nurse. I would like to be a pediatrics nurse because they get to work with kids. 4.Starting now a would like to be very smart and get good grade in order to get into a very good college because that will help me to be a world famous nurse. 5.If i cannot do this i would like to egt a hockey scholarship to the university of calgary and then choose my profetion then, because i would like to play hockey for a long time.


2.Aside from my career i would like to get married and have 5 kids, 3 boys 2 girls, because girls are harder to take care of. 3.Personally i would like to live somewhere in the rocky Mountains because i like snow and i want to stay in Canada. 1.I love snowbaording which is also why i would like to live the mountains. 5.Also I would like to marry Taylor Lautener but that will not happen so i guess i can’t ha ha.


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