Why i picked my pictures

Quote number 1: 3.Suddenly i am realizing that people should not have to live like this, when people live in poverty they are empty of all they should have. 4.Starving and hungry people have lost hope, they don’t have dignity anymore because of what they lack in there lives.

Quote number 2: 3.Sadly people in poverty don’t just have any food, they don’t have anything, what is it going to take for someone to help them. 6.They need love and help.

Quote number 3: 3.Selfishly there are people in the world with so much when there and so many that have  absolutely nothing. 4.Helping the poor is a good thing, the rich people should help out poor people, if they don’t who else will.

Quote number 4: Since people out there with more than they need when there are people that don’t even have enough to live. 6.We should even it out a bit.

Quote number 5: 5.As we all know, poverty is bad and should be considered a form of punishment.  3.Probably none of the people that live in poverty did anything to deserve being starved, who should be punished for nothing?

RICE/0:19-0:28 5.When just a simple handful of rice can help someone, why don’t we help more. We should help people by giving them even a simple handful of rice.

newspaper0:09-0:18 2.Around the world not just adults out there are starving. People of all ages are suffering from poverty and we all need to start realizing how bad it really is.

1:49-1:58 7.Saddened by the fact that lots of kids out there are starving, we need to realize it. There are 8 million people a year that die from poverty, because no one can help.

3:37-3:46 1.This picture is showing the houses the people living in poverty have live in, who would want to live like this? 1.They don’t have enough money to get a real house so they have to make one out of what they can find, which is not always a lot.

povertt2:19-2:28 So many people out there, which try hard and still work, but don’t make enough to make ends meet. 2.Over time it is going to get worse and worse because of the growing prices of things in the world.




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