Waiting on the world to change

The song ” Waiting on the world to change” by John Mayer is about how the world is not a very good place somtimes and how they want to change it but one person usually doesn’t have the power. We should all try to do something to change the world and making it a better place. We are all waiting for the world to be a better place and some one has to stand up and change it.
With the lyrics in front of mei could see that this song is about how the people in this world aren’t doing enough to help it. Onie day it’s going to impact us, the people that are going to war and not helping to stop pollution and it’s going to be a disaster.
Watching the music video i noticed that people all have different ways of speaking up and standing out. They send there message through what they are best at no matter what itr is. This music video has things in it that stand for a big picture, drugs and graffiti stand for illegal things and how people aren’t following the rules.

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