2.Over the last 20 years parents and some religious groups have been campaigning to limit messages that are put in songs because they think they have been corrupting kids. 5.When they did this, they wanted record companies to put labels on records with explicit language, but there were no standards so they didn’t know what to put labels on so is was truly up to the parents. 1.They put hundreds of labels on each year but this only stopped the parents from buying them, the kids still purchased the daily. 4.Starting decades ago music has been blamed for making kids want to commit suicide because people have been said to commit suicide while listening to certain song about death.3.Daily music has a negative affect on people but it is not the main cause for kids actions, these kinds of actions come from life changing issues not just songs. 11.Yesterday, today, and tomorrow all kids were and will be exposed to explicit language everywhere and there is only so much a parent can do, which is why concerns are growing, educate you kids. The lyrics won’t effect kids if they are taught right from wrong they will know that the stuff in the songs is wrong and they should not do it, honestly parents have the biggest influence on kids, not music.

Personally i think music will only influence teens that aren’t capable of telling right from wrong. Over the last few decades religious groups and parents have been believing thatteenagers are acting the way they are because of the music they are listening to. Major actions performed by a kid are not results of music but of bigger things in there life. I don’t think music has anything to do with the way people act. It may change the way you talk, but the way you think and act are much bigger than slightly impacting song lyrics and the things you here people do in songs. 3305275656_18137ee72b


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