Public Outbursts

What is your opinion of Kanye’s Outburst? What are some guidelines for appropriate public behavior? When and how is it appropriate to express your disagreement with someone? (Think about PDA, outbursts, etc). Include a set of guidelines for people like Kanye and Serena and the senator who shouted at Obama. Has our society hit rock bottom in terms of civility?

 2.Around the world i think people are getting more rude, insensitive, and embarrassing because of loud outbursts. Since i saw what happened I think what Kanye West did was unbelievably rude. He did not need to do it and i don’t know why anyone would do such a thing. Personally i think people should be able to speak their minds but not like that. If it is rude they can do it privately or ot do it at all. If it is polite then it is okay to do it in public. I think our society is getting worse and worse with people doing rude things to others in public but i think it could get way worse, we have not hit rock bottom… yet. People should think more before they act things like yelling at people or showing PDA because this is just rude to everyone around you. If you want to do things like that which should not be done in pubic, do it in private away from people that don’t want to see or hear it. I don’t think there should be a punishment but a think the embarrassment is enough for them to go through.6. No body likes it. 4. Seeing how people are acting in public, as rude inconsiderate people, i think there should be some guidelines, i think people should be able to speak there minds in public as long as it will not offend people or disrupt what is going on.1.   PDA on the other hand just should not be 


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