cell phone ban

2.Over time people cell phones have become more popular, because of this there is a debate on wether or not cell phones should be allowed in schools. 3.Lately administration has found that cell phones have been disrupting classes and they are making prohibitive policies which do not allow phones in class.1.Parents and children can connect, although they might not need it in emergencies children can call 911. 4.Allowing cell phones is okay if they are silenced or off in the classroom, they should not be put quietly on so that people can here it but the teachers can’t, they are fine in the appropriate places. 6.Phones are convenient among families. 5. As easy as it may seams, students casually “forget” to turn there phones off in class and they become loud and disruptive. 7.Silenced phones can also be used to cheat on exams because they are like passing notes.8.Other then that the choice on wether or not children should be allowed to bring cell phones to school is up to the parent because there is little enforcement short of completely banning them.


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