digital manipulation

Digital Manipulation: acceptable or unacceptable in society? 

6. Extrordinarily unacceptable! 2. Around the world people should not have to worry about things in life like, is this picture altered or is it real, because it can become frustrating. 3. Usually it is wrong and can sometimes really hurt someone’s career extremely or embarrass them.  4. Manipulating pictures can also make things seem better than they are, which is why, in advertising they use this to make there product look better so people will buy it. 5. Although this is wrong it may be good, but it is false advertising.1. It’s making things different than they are and they shouldn’t be able to do such tricky and mind swindeling  things because it is like ripping somebody off.


 2. Over time digitally manipulating images has become more used, which i think is ok because it makes people look better. 3. Thankfully it can also make images that are extermely creative so people will buy them for decoration. 4. Advancing with technhology like this is good because it helps companies or film makers make there item better, because it is more advanced, asd easier to sell. 5. Since it changes images it can change the way people look at people, products which can sometimes be a very good thing. 1.It can also help out when a person is missing from a picture and they want to be put in as if they were there. 6. They can be remembered too.


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